Show me the food.

Once on a trip, I was assigned to room with a girl I didn’t know well at all. As far as I knew, we shared very few common interests, if any, and I had planned to simply stick out the two nights we would be spending together with minimal interaction and then move on, business as usual. She, however, seemed to be the type who felt awkward tension unless she attempted to interact with every breathing being in sight, and I soon found myself in the uncomfortable position of being asked to go to dinner with her at a restaurant I didn’t particularly care for, but I had no other plans or legitimate reasons to refuse her invitation, so we went.

I ordered the most filling salad I could find on the menu, hoping to receive my food quickly and return to the comfort of my room and noise-canceling earbuds, but my hopes were dashed when she ordered a pricey and complicated steak meal, guaranteeing that our wait time would be at least half an hour. Luckily, the weather that night was particularly notable, dark and very stormy, providing a good subject for casual conversation until a while after we had ordered, but our chatter eventually died down, and inevitable, uncomfortable silence had fallen over our table. In a moment of what I now believe to be sheer genius, I muttered something about how anxious I was for our food to arrive. Her eyes lit up, and she suddenly launched into a happy spiel about food she liked and how much she enjoyed cooking, allowing me to sit back quietly and listen without the agony of being forced to make small talk.

So now, to actually address this blog’s prompt, (no, I hadn’t forgotten about that), I propose that the English language needs a word to describe anticipation for a meal to arrive. This seems like a pretty common sentiment, and it’s relatable nature definitely saved me from at least one pretty awkward situation.


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